Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Salt Cave

Enjoy all the benefits of our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna and Salt Cave as a stand-alone session or after your massage appointment. Our sauna is equipped with Pink Himalayan Salt bricks along with Full Spectrum (Near, Mid and Far) Infrared as well as LED Chromotherapy.

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What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Traditional saunas use heating elements to increase the temperature of the air inside, infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body while the air around you stays the same. The result is your core temperature rising without having to sit in a room where the ambient temperature is nearly 200 degrees. Some people find this more comfortable than traditional saunas.

Benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna:
  • Near Infrared: NIR delivers energy to cells
  • Mid Infrared: MIR can help with inflammation, pain, decrease overall healing time and promotes the expansion of blood vessels, that leads to improved circulation
  • Far Infrared: FIR stimulates vasodilation, which increases blood flow throughout the body. FIR can also reduce pain, ease joint stiffness, decrease inflammation and alleviate overall body stress. And finally, FIR promotes detoxification through significant sweating.
Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Himalayan salt provides negative ions for more oxygen intake
  • Negative ions can boost your immune system and elevate your mood
  • Helps reduce asthma, allergies and other breathing ailments
  • Himalayan Salt is a natural way to aid in achieving your health goals.
  • Helps invigorate you and restore your mind and body to a calm stress free state

Durations Available

20 Minutes


30 Minutes


40 Minutes



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